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of the hour, here we go. first, ex-penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky heads to court but declines to faces his accusers. >>> even in today's economy, some young people are better off than when their parents were. >>> arrests along the border with mexico, they have plummeted. time to play reporter roulette. susan candiotti, let's begin with you. jerry sandusky waived his right to the preliminary hearing today. do we know why? >> reporter: well, what a day it's been, brooke. imagine 11 witnesses, including at least four alleged victims who would have taken the stand talk about in excruciating detail being molested and raped by jerry sandusky but they didn't have the opportunity to do so because he waited and, why? his lawyers explain that it was a tactical decision on their part, that, in part, because they would not have had an opportunity to try to challenge the credibility of these witnesses while they were on the witness stand because of court rules, then it just wasn't to their advantage. however, they certainly, it's true, miss out on an opportunity to interview these people,
for you. first, jerry sandusky arrested again. no charges will be filed against a former syracuse assistant basketball coach. the man they call blago learns his fate today. >>> and a debate over plan b. >>> reporter roulette. i want to begin with ted rowlands in chicago. ted, we know rod blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years. he spoke a moment ago. what do you know? >> reporter: well, yeah, 14 years in federal prison for rod blagojevich. he was hoping for three to five. the judge siding with the prosecution. blagojevich just came down from the courtroom about ten minutes ago and addressed the media very briefly. he didn't take any questions. said he was going home to be with his two daughters, explain to them where they were going from here and said he will be, quote, fighting on. so expect an appeal in this case. one thing to note, he doesn't have to report until february 16th to the bureau of prisons. so he does have this time to spend with his family but the former governor of illinois will spend 14 years -- was sentenced to 14 years in prison. >> i'm curious, since he does get
. >>> jerry sandusky, former penn state defensive coach, could have faced all the accusers in court today. instead, sandusky waived his right to today's preliminary hearing pleading not guilty. what does that mean? it means he's going to trial on charges that he sexually abused ten boys. sandusky's attorney explained why. >> one of the main reasons we wanted to have a preliminary hearing and the anticipated of having one is to cross-examine mike mcqueary in the allegations pertaining to number two. prior to today with various statements he allegedly has made -- >> mike mcqueary is the assistant coach who claims he saw sandusky rape a boy in the penn state showers, but according to his reports his account has now changed over time. >>> the army is trying to figure out what caused two helicopters to crash killing four soldiers last night outside of a training area at joint base lewis-mcchord in washington state. now the choppers were observation helicopters. no word on whether they collided or crashed separately. >>> finders keepers, that's the message from iran today about the captured u.s
that in a pennsylvania courtroom. >>ets let's bring you up to speed quickly. jerry sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing and this will go straight to trial. we all were waiting for that preliminary hearing and that has been waived. he and his attorney decided to waive it. that's the big development in the jerry sandusky case. >> so much more news surrounding this. let's head to atlanta and kyra philips. >> what a busy morning already. we're talking about jerry sandusky in court and out again. he was expected to face his accusers but he waived his right to the preliminary hearing and here's sandusky just as he left the courthouse and he faced a pretty stunned media. >> stay the course, to fight for four quarters. we'll take the opportunity to present our side. >> we couldn't do that today. >> tell me why the preliminary hearing. >> i'll come back and answer your quefgzs. >> mr. sandusky are you looking forward? >> jason carroll was actually inside the courtroom, susan candiotti has one of the victim's attorneys with her. jason, let's start with you, if you don't mind. let's talk
>> setting the record state jerry sandusky in an interview denies having sexual contact with young boys. was he convincing we will take you through it and let you decide. >>> suspended campaign, accused of a sexual affair. herman cain suspends his run for the presidency. his wife by his side, he insists you have not seen the last of him. >> i'm not going to be silenced and i'm not going away. >> 30 seconds. >> mind of a serial killer. new york police say bodies being dumped along long island are the work of one serial killer. we will talk to a forensic psychologist about the mind of a killer. >>> and shark encounter. >> i like the fact he's circling us the last ten minutes. he might know something we don't. >> a huge great white spotted off of the carolina coast. what would you do if confronted by giant man eater? this is information you need to know. it's all right here, right now on cnn. >> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. we begin with former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky in a lengthy interview with this new york times sandusky tries to expla
. no nonsense. just people sense. >>> accused former penn state coach jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers on tuesday. that's when a preliminary evidence hearing is scheduled on the dozens of charges he molested ten young boys but today there's new information about a financial connection between board members of sandusky's charity and a governor of pennsylvania's election campaign. cnn contributor and reporter for the pat news co-wrote the article. so sarah, it is good to see you. what did you find out? >> he accepted more than $25,000 in campaign contributiones from second mile board members and that included a fund-raiser from the board chair who held a fund-raiser at his home in january 2010 for the governor for his campaign np. now today he is defending all of that, saying, it would have looked political if he had charged sandusky at the time. it would have looked political if he waited. so it is a lose/lose situation for him and he is defending hit situation saying he didn't want to give that money back or refuse it because that would give away that jerry sandusky was under
time he saw. he 2002, saw showers with jerry the wall with his shoulder height and h sandusky boy's waist and, as they coul afterwards leftshock. he admits that he didn't calle because he and he said that joe paterno h extremely sexual inen sanduskyb. it was not until mcqueary testi. he did fa examitiinary hearing,t credibility. they didn't get very far in that you believe that a crime took and they said, but you d said, e officials, they testimony under oath horseplay. explain to us ho is different t. >> well, perhaps we will hearin grand jury will be we'll getorlr they testified, agrand jury, th saw, that something sexual was as anything serious and, tht to police. >>you. we'll come backry for ed out ofhe stories affiliates . ordered a new trial in the years ago. kathleen pool of blood at thcouple's home. th been misledevidence. >>> the southern publishingi ret stores. a dollar for to the susan g.komen fund. many conservative christian firefighters des abortion were called to rescue a got stuk in aof why or even how this the chimney orhe house after wr to get unstuck. y met nn
case involving former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. >>> former athletic director tim curly and gary schultz are charged with lying and failing to report the suspected abuse. mike mcquery is the star witness. he says he told curly and schultz seen sandusky raping a boy. he testifies there's no question that he fully described what he saw. prosecutors say sandusky sexually accused ten young boys. he has pleaded not guilty to more than 50 charges. >>> back from the brink of a government shutdown. sources are now saying that democrats and republicans have reached a deal to keep the federal government running after midnight tonight. the house and senate, they're expecting to vote on that plan today. negotiators are still trying to agree on extending the payroll tax cut. if they don't, your taxes are going to go up by an average of $1,000. >>> republican presidential candidates are making their closing arguments to iowa voters. now the candidates met last night in their last debate before the iowa caucuses. some took aim at president obama. current front-runner newt gingrich foun
jerry sandusky. once again, sandusky denies he abused boys. but at the same time, he makes intriguing assertions about how penn state handled allegations against him in susa susan, what's going on here? >> reporter: don, jerry sandusky says no one at penn state ever demanded his keys to the locker room after he was accused of so domizing a boy in the shower. but there's also an unsettling response when he's asked about that interview. his new interview, at least parts of it arguably, are raising as many eyebrows as his first one. >> in an interview video taped, jerry sandusky not only repeats his denials of wrong doing, he tells the paper, "youngsters might say i was a father figure." a father figure who stands accused of 40 counts of raping and molesting young boys. in an intriguing exchange, sandusky tries to explain the way he answered nbc a few weeks ago when asked whether he sexually attracted to young boys? >> am i sexually attracted underage boys? sexually attracted, you know, i enjoy young people. >> he tells the new york times at first he wondered what to make of the question
and religion on cnn's belief blog. >>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will be in court for a preliminary hearing. he faces more than 50 charges of child sex abuse. sandusky posted a $250,000 bond and is now under house arrest. last week he was arrested a second time following new allegations by two more reported victims. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti has been following the developments and joining us now from new york. what's to be expected this week in court? >> well, there's a preliminary hearing coming up on tuesday, fred, and it's difficult to say how many victim could be testifying but it could be everyone that has been identified by the grand jury, at least six, along with other witnesses. at this preliminary hearing we'll get a brief preview of the prosecutor's case. they must convince a judge there's enough evidence against jerry sandusky to go to trial. now legally it's usually not a difficult thing to do at this stage. among those testifying will be alleged victim number 1. sandusky is charged with performing oral sex on the boy in his early teens
for corruption and sentencing deserved that spot. for number three penn state's jerry sandusky, and american student in italy amanda knox also at number three. first why didn't you put sandusky on your list? >> well, you know what, if cases were based on allegations, then casey anthony would have been convicted. i think the jerry sandusky case is an important case and it's opening up a lot of observation and concern about what goes on in campuses and college campuses and high school. but the bottom line is at this point we have some very outrageous allegations. let's see what happens in 2012. may make the top ten of 2012. right now it's absolutely too early to put on the list. >> but amanda knox instead? >> oh, yeah. >> what stood out for you on that? >> amanda knox i think is very, very important. we read 143-page what's called a motivation by appeals judge and demonstrated unlike american courts how perverted some judicial systems are in terms of safeguards. safeguards meaning the right to cross-examination, the right against self-incrimination. the good news is that the italian appeals co
. in an unusual court proceeding next week, we'll bring former penn state football coach jerry sandusky face-to-face with his accusers. sunny hostin "on case." she joins me on the phone. this tweet that overturned this murder conviction. this guy sitting on death row, what did this juror tweet that gets the murder conviction tossed out? >> the juror was sort of tweeting the philosophical things about the deliberation. he sent out several tweets, and one of the last tweets indicated that a verdict had been reached, that it was all over. and the judge had instructed the jury, of course, not to use social media, as judges often do. and after instructing this juror, he did it again. and that really, i think, was the basis for the court overturning his conviction. he was told twice to stop. he continued. and the court found that the integrity of the verdict had been compromised. judges typically do instruct juries and they expect the juries to follow their instructions. the appellate court felt that if the juror disregarded that particular instruction, it was possible that the juror had disregard
state child sex abuse case. two days away from former assistant football coach jerry sandusky facing his accusers in court and we're learning a key witness, mike mcqueary, is changing his story again. sarah gannon has been following the sandusky case against the aga beginning. how is he changing the story? >> this is the first account we have come up. the first witness account of what mcqueary saw in 2002, that night many march when he stumbled upon something in the penn state locker room late at night. but how this differs from what we read in the grand jury report and what is in mike mcqueary's handwritten police statement is that he told this man, this doctor who was at his father's house, where he went seeking advice after he stumbled upon this incident, he told his doctor he didn't see anything, that he only heard some sexual acts and that a young boy peered around the corner of the shower stall and was grabbed by a man's waist, pulled back behind out of view, and then a few minutes later, he saw jerry sandusky leaving a towel. none of that is ever mentioned in the grand jury summar
situation where kids were playing in a pool with jerry sandusky, was later separated from that group and taken on a tour by jerry sandusky of the football building. now, a lot of other incidents have happened at that football building, but all of them have been alleged to have happened in a shower. this man is saying that he was taken to an office. he was given whiskey and he talked to sandusky about his life and how he ended up at the second mile and then he was assaulted before jerry sandusky took him back to the dorms. >> we know jerry sandusky has a number of charges against him already. with these new claims about sandusky, will additional charges be pressed against him, sara? >> don, that's hard to say. you know, there have been, by my account, five people have come forward since the initial charges were filed and made public allegations against jerry sandusky. they are, the majority of them, as far as we know, have also talked to the attorney general's office and given statements to police. however, it's hard to know if they are, if they are actually going to lead to charges.
three years. that interview's coming up in the next hour of newsroom. >>> the lawyer for jerry sandusky, the former penn state defensive coach says the time may come when his client has to think about a plea deal. that's right, the lawyer says that a plea could happen if more people come forward claiming that sandusky molested them. he told cnn contributor sarah began number that such a scenario could make this case an uphill battle. >> reporter: what is the point where you say should we talk about a plea deal? are you having those conversations? >> no, we haven't. as a matter of fact you know from your experience, sarah, that people who maintain their innocence sometimes plead guilty because of the overwhelming evidence against them. there are many people who have gone to trial who were convicted of very serious crimes, including homicides, and executed and it later turned out that they were innocent. there's a lot of reasons why people decide to do certain things, but at this point jerry has maintained his innocence in regard to the allegations he knows about. >>> penn state students
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. >>> a new accuser against jerry sandusky. a 19-year-old man says that sandusky gave him whisky and abused him when he was 12 years old. the incident involved more than touching and happened when his client was staying overnight for activities at second mile. second mile is the charity founded by sandusky. charges are expected in the coming weeks. >> timothy gieithner is giving thumbs up to a plan to tackle the european debt crisis. he met with sarkozy in paris today. tomorrow will be a gathering in br p b brussels. >> to countries that persecute gays and lesbians, they are told to get with it. secretary clinton said the rights of lgbt are universal. the u.s. is pledging protection of those rights as part of its foreign policy. >>> and how's this for irony when it comes to social media. these private photos were among several revealed after a security breach at the online site yesterday. the images of he and the private pictures of tens of thousands were exposed to unauthorized downloads for a few hours. engineers plugged the glitch hours later. they blame problems with software. >>> and n
in this year's popular uprising in yemen. >>> jerry sandusky now faces more than 50 charges of sexually abusing children. and one of our legal guys says the former penn state coach's wife should be indicted as well. the latest from penn state live with our legal experts. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. [ electronic beeping ] [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®. >>> volunteers across the country are spending this saturday at military and veterans cemeteries. they are helping lay holiday wreaths on the headstones of fallen service members. volunteers at arlington national cemetery got an early start this morning when trucks filled with donated wreaths arrived there and placing 100,000 wreaths at arlg thon. let's go now to cnn's athena jones. she is there and has
. >>> a 19-year-old man says that jerry sandusky gave him whiskey when he was 12, then sexually abused him. sandusky's latest accuser claims it happened once inside an office inside the penn state football building. the man says he was a member of the second mile. that is sandusky's charity for disadvantaged kids. sarah ganim broke the story. >> there's a lot of new things in this allegation. first of all, we've never heard that sandusky gave one of his victims alcohol. in this situation this man alleges it was in an office in this building and he was given whiskey while jerry sandusky talked to him about his life and how he ended up with the second mile and then he was assaulted. >> so i'm going to speak live with sara ganim in a few minutes. his preliminary hearing is set for tuesday. his attorney says, quote, we will for the very first time have the opportunity to face jerry's accusers and question them under oath. >>> weshlgs newt gingrich on the rise less than a month to go before the iowa caucuses. there's a new gallup poll that shows the former house speaker double digit lead over a
jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers this week. sandusky is charged with molesting ten boys enrolled in his second mile charity. now grown men, at least five of his alleged victims, are scheduled to testify at a preliminary hearing tomorrow morning. cnn's senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin says it will be an important session for both sides. >> this is going to be a very serious moment for these victims. because it is going to be the first time that they've told their story in public. it is a very embarrassing situation for most of them to be sure, and they're going to be cross examined by someone who is determined to show they're lying. >> jerry sandusky is not expected to testify. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonald will speak today at the funeral service for virginia tech police officer derek kraus. the service is set to start about an hour from now at virginia tech's castle coliseum. kraus was gunned down while sitting in his patrol car thursday by a 22-year-old man who later killed himself. the attack appeared to be unpro joked and there's still no word on any motive. t
scandal jerry sandusky speaking out again and giving his side of the story. he says he was innocent and never had sexual contact with young boys. the former football coach sat down with an interview with the new york city, asking why he did thip like showering with kids, sleeping with them alone in hotel rooms, he said he saw them as his own children. sandusky said he never abused child's. he confirmed some details of events prosecutors cited in molesting 40 young boys. >>> lots of happy reunions in ft. hood, texas. the last of our brave men and women who served in iraq are now back with their families. this unit coordinated logistics of the drawdown and now they are home. >>> back now to our top story, herman cain's decision to suspend his campaign. our shannon travis was there when cain stepped before the cameras. really, shannon, it was difficult to discern what he was about to say, because he talked very much like a man who was still on the campaign trail. it was only until he revealed there was a plan b, that he is suspending his campaign? >> absolutely right, fred. up until th
for the very first time, the prosecution's star witness in the child molestation case against jerry sandusky has told what he saw in a penn state locker room in march of 2002 and he's told it in horrifying detail. there is a warning here. mike mcqueary who's now an assistant penn state football coach wasn't testifying against sandusky. this is a preliminary hearing for the penn state officials charged with perjury and failing to report the alleged child sx abu sex abuse that mcqueary reported to them. the hearing continues and we'll talk more about it in our "crime and consequences" segment in 20 minutes. >>> the clock is still ticking toward a midnight deadline to avert a partial government shutdown but the pressure's gone down just a little bit. that's john boehner's way of saying both parties in both houses have agreed on a trillion dollar spending package. now they just have to vote on it. the house will vote first. then start its holiday recess. the senate will vote after that. and will try to agree on extending a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits. if it does, the house will com
to save the euro. jon corzine on the hot seat over millions of missing dollars. jerry sandusky, a free man for now. and possible dangers of two birth control drugs. we begin with allison at the new york stock exchange for reaction to jon corzine's testimony before congress. what did he have to say about the more than $1 billion that has gone missing from mf global? >> reporter: lawmaker said show me the money and jon corzine said, i don't know where it is. we're about $1.2 billion of customers' money missing from mf global's books. corzine saying i simply do not know where the money is saying he was stunned when he found out it was missing. now corzine did apologize to investors and employees, saying he never intended to break any rules. but at issue here is did mf global use customer money for its own needs as the company's financial situation got even worse? there are questions whether that would violate securities rules. investment companies are supposed to keep their customer money separate from the firm's money. you have the fbi, the cftc investigating. and one other thing to notice t
. they're conflicting accounts of whether he walked in on former coach jerry sandusky sexually abusing a young boy and what he told people afterward. that's pivotal in today's hearing for two former school officials. they are accused of perjury and failing to report the suspected molestation. susan candiotti is on the story for us in harrisburg, pennsylvania. what are we expecting today? >> well, it should be a very interesting and possibly a very dramatic and frankly exciting day because we might be getting more details from mike mcqueary, who you just talked about. he is in the courthouse, so are the two co-defendants in this case, tim curley and gary schultz, the two penn state officials. mike mcqueary's testimony is very critical for the state making its case. and the state has said this morning, they announced that they will hear testimony from five live witnesses and also from three people whose testimony to the grand jury will be read into the record. and this could last probably half a day. now, what's important about mike mcqueary's testimony is that he's expected to take the
. but at penn state, the transgressions were far worse. >> jerry sandusky is charged with molesting eight boys. >> where were the authorities? >> this is not a case about football or universities. it's a case about children who have had their innocence stolen from them. >> reporter: a child sex abuse scandal involving former penn assistant coach jerry sandusky led to the firing of joe paterno. a legacy six decades in the making is in shambles. bernie fine, assistant basketball coach at syracuse for the past six years, was fire department after allegations emerged -- fired after allegations, merged that he molested six children. in the nfl and nba, they were struggling through contracts. and tragedy on the race track when indycar driver dan weldon was part of a car crash that caused the husband and father of two to die. and good-bye to joe frazer. one of the best athletes of all time. packers' quarterback aaron rogers emerging from the shadow of brett favre to lead green bay to a super bowl title. dirk nowitzki from germany, taking the dallas mavs to its first nba title again the team that feat
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 142 (some duplicates have been removed)